For the past 5 years, most of our web design projects were based on the mobile-first approach. By 2019, the social media-first approach became a key component in marketing. A website that is perfectly functioning on mobile devices is a crucial element in digital communication as we can drive traffic to our website from social media platforms. Moreover, a paid Facebook campaign is one of the main pillars of sales these days. 

Let's look at the things interword can help you with!


What is a good Facebook page like?
  • easy to understand
  • uses unified language
  • has a unique style
  • contains relevant information
  • active
  • builds relationships with followers
  • encourages interaction
  • runs paid campaigns
What is a good Instagram page like?
  • interesting at first sight
  • visually cohesive
  • focuses on communicating its main message
  • triggers interaction
  • active
  • focuses on community building
  • followers get what they follow the profile for
  • keeps in touch with followers
  • addresses followers in a unique way
What is a good Facebook campaign like?
  • complies with Facebook rules
  • properly targeted
  • relevant
  • visually pleasing
  • provides value
  • encourages you to click
  • contains clear / simple CTA
  • clear and concise
  • effective


  • Reaching new people, community building 
    Harness the power of community building 
  • Brand building
    It is intended to enhance the authenticity of the brand and to distinguish it from other brands. Focus on the value you can give and the things that make your followers and customers' days better.
  • Sales
    With ever-expanding online shopping opportunities, shopping is getting easier and easier. With posts and ads you can drive your customers directly to your webshop and increase your revenue.
  • Collecting leads
    If your follower is still in the consideration phase, give them the information they need. If they are already browsing your website or you have their email address added to your list – you are one step closer to your goal.
  • Building trust 
    Show what's going on behind the scenes with honest two-way communication.
  • Creativity
    Social media is the perfect place to get creative and meet users with similar interests.


  • On average, we spend 2 hours and 23 minutes a day on social media platforms. (2018).
  • 54% of users have already purchased a product that they came across on Instagram. (2018)
  • 90.4% of Generation Y are active social media users. (2018)
  • 73% of Hungarians use the Internet daily, with 3.6 million regularly on their smartphone. (2018)
  • 45% of Hungarians use Messenger. (Aug 2019)
  • 5,474,000 Hungarians use Facebook. (Aug 2019)
  • Almost 2 million Hungarians use Instagram. (Aug 2019)

Social Media Users in Hungary 
GlobalWebIndex Social Media Flagship Report 2018  


WHY YOU SHOULD WORK WITH US (myths vs. facts)

  • "You don't have the time or capacity ..." – we get it, you’re not the one who has to deal with social media on top of everything else you do.
  • “You just post stuff here and there” - believe us, this is not it - there is serious planning behind all the topics, graphics and copies.
  • "I’m alone ..." – we have colleagues who are responsible for the projects, Facebook and Instagram pages individually, who brainstorm content and answer comments and messages every day.
  • "I don't know how it works"- To some extent we want you to understand what’s happening, so we will explain how we work and ask the right questions.
  • "I only care about the numbers..." we send out a monthly report, detailing the results achieved and the goals for the future.
  • “Just do it…” - We need some support from the client’s side. In most cases, what we need here is photographic content, especially when we see that you have something to show about your brand or service.




At interword, we always make sure there are no questions unanswered. In this automated world, it is important for us to talk - to get to know each other in person. If you like what we stand for, let’s meet up!